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What’s included:

– A tour of the grounds (15 – 20 min), where you will be introduced to the Huskies, Malamutes and horses, told interesting stories about our pets, and introduced to all the pets of the complex.

– Husky hike (20 min). Walk with the Huskies to the picturesque banks of the Desna River.

– Home therapy with the Huskies. Communicating with dogs and puppies.

– Horse riding on one lap .

– Photo session with malamutes

– corral horse

– tea drinking

Price 500 UAH  per person.

Bicycles can be taken for the whole day – it will be 300 UAH (for one bike) For two bicycles – 500 UAH

Dog scooter is a dog wearing a helmet and pulling a scooter through a pull. The scooter is lower than a bicycle and it is easier to jump off it. On a scooter, the same principles as on a bicycle. This is a stretched pull and in time this command is ahead. In difficult places you need to help the dog, pushing with one foot. In case of rough terrain, you need to bend your knees (when you move into the hole)

Tracking with a dog is a trip to beautiful places where there is a lot of livestock and lush vegetation. And most importantly, at this time the dog stimulates you to move. The dog is wearing a harness, to which a pull with a shock absorber is attached, then the pull is attached to a belt that is dressed on you. The main thing you need to know is that the dog is constantly with a stretched pull! Then she understands that she needs to work. If the dog is distracted, then we stimulate her with a team – Go!

Bikejoring is when a dog wearing a helmet pulls a bicycle. Thus, you can drive many miles and give the dog the opportunity to work as it should. But you must always remember that the pull should always be pulled and if the dog is distracted, then you need to stimulate it with the team forward. Better when there are two dogs in the team, then they do not give distractions to each other.

I want to pay attention to riding lessons. The lessons are conducted by a professional, a person who starred in the ads of the Kozatskaya Rada, a participant in many equestrian theaters. In a word Real Kozak !!!

The tour lasts about an hour. Two guests and an instructor can board the Neris kayak. You will be able to see many aquatic and near aquatic birds. (Waders, herons, ducks, fishing, etc.)

Коли відомо, що пленер під відкритим небом – це унікальна можливість підключення до роботи з природою в природному світі.
На вас чекає до 4 годин практичних занять на свіжому повітрі – чудовий спосіб накачати літніми днями та відточити свої художні навігації в «польових» умовах! 🙂
Цього разу ми намалюємо деснянську красуню, а також ми можемо одночасно відповісти на це мальовниче мальовниче місце.

Вартість заняття на відкритому повітрі – 1200 грн. (1 особа до 4 годин) У вартість входять: фарби, пензлі, мастихін, мольберт, полотно (50:40), робота художника, а також смачні трави з чаю .

Звертаємо вашу увагу на те, що для участі в пленері потрібно записати на прийом за телефоном : 0936915500-Анатолій